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Our vision - Our mission


1- from the individual level, by the guarantee of employment for graduates


2 - at the project level, by the self-financing capacity of the school through its production workshop

3 - finally, on the scale of a community, with the transfer of production facilities to the "cooperative" carpenters



The school is open to everybody who wants to enhance their skills and transform valuable and precious raw materials into fine furniture , decorative items, tools and much more. To access to our scholarship here are the guidelines:


      • Selection: Minimum level 9
      • Selection  date: Last week of September
      • Start of school: First monday of October
      • Location: Village of Thbes, Commune of Voa Sar - 7km from Kompong Speu market (km40 on the N4)




      • Year one  (C1): 40% theoretical / 60% practical
      • Year two  (C2): 10% theoretical / 90% practical
      • Year three  (C3): same as above


Boarding: If supported by a NGO/Workshop, we expect the NGO/Workshop to participate $60/month


Employment: 100% of our graduates get proposals starting:


  • C1 diploma --> $200 + meals, accommodation / month
  • C2 & C3 diploma --> from $300 up / month


email:  -  web: